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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: horses are not supposed to look like this. the spine protruding. this animal maybe two months aawham starvation and death. >> her system will start shutting down. or organs will give up on her. >> reporter: jelly bean here won't face that demise not after an impound at the farm. a breezier, law enforcement says, fell on hard times with the economy and let more than 100 polish arabian horses nearly starve. this is the largest horse abuse case in state history. 150 of them, they are taken care of at five different farms throughout the state. the critical ones brought here to a private farm in maryland. the days inn farm horse rescue is taking on this enormous task. the number of abused horses
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surpassing the previous sizable impounds of just last year. >> put those two together, we had 70 horses total. you about doubled that today and as a matter of fact we will surpass all of last year just in today's action. >> reporter: nursing the animals is no small task, $2400 a month for several months before the horses can be put up for adoption ax cost the family will have to bear hoping for all the help they can get. in washington county, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >> log on and click on the story, we will link you to help fptionly or becoming a volunteer. charges are pending against the centerville breeder. tonight authorities in queen ann are trying to figure
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out who killed a 28-year-old woman. the body was found on a farm in centerville wednesday. her body showed signs of trauma, authorities say they are looking for a white the thousand white chevy impala, similar to this one with may recall license plates that may have been taken from christina. police are puzzled by the disappearance and death of felecia barns and looking for answers. family and friends are remembering the life she lived. two vigils were held to honor her. >> i can't express how special she is. >> the 16 year old was visiting relatives in december when she went missing and her body was pulled prom the us and ha
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susquehanna river. state's attorney is remembering love and getting out the word about domestic violence. he spoke to students and coaches from baltimore area high schools about warning science which include excessive texting, explosive anger and jealousy. it appeared friends knew about fights the lacrosse player had with her boyfriend. love was killed in may. her former boyfriend is charged in her death. severe weather and now months of cleanup ahead for the folks in alabama. take a look at the damage near birmingham. the town is more rubble than homes after the storms. tornados killed more than 200 people wiping out hundreds of buildings in the path. >> red cross is helping out. volunteers will provide warm meals and clean drinking water,
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emotional support and supplies. the red cross is there to help, but they don't go at it alone. >> i have been amazed and delighted with how the people in this town, particularly, come together as a community, the churches, the people, they are great. >> the red cross is accepting donations, give to the american red cross disaster relief fund. 1800 red cross. there is so much footage of the tornados and the damage they left behind. find it on tornado alley live at abc 2 check out this interactive radar map and live stream video from storm chasers and weather stations from all aloss the country. over on abc 2 ,
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there is a new blog talking about the super outbreak, biggest since 1974, links to the most dramatic tornado videos we ever seen. they are there for you on the one page. go to abc 2 see the blog and that will get you there. let's look at what we are seeing in terms of weather now. maryland's most powerful radar, quiet on the range. shower in northeast part of the state earlier. that's cleared. we certainly saw plenty of cloud cover out of the north and west here, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies have been the rule. i think through the evening here we will stay cloudy but dry. no rain with these. temperatures cool and getting much cooler. not just you are going to lose daylight but a fresh shot of cooler air invaded hagerstown and winchester, all the way in to cambridge eventually. we are looking for 50s, cloudy sky and breezy and cool conditions. we end up in the low 40s
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overnight. take a look at your saturday forecast, 54 in the morning. we are talking about a warmup through the 60s. we get to 70 tomorrow afternoon. you want to stick around though, sunday will be a little different look. we will talk about that and when we will see more rain coming up. maryland's emergency management agency is teaming up with target to prepare for future disasters. target's role is to identify needs and determine how to respond with supplies personnel and support. >> in instances like what happened in alabama and points coming up north, it's tornados, they are unpredictable and can take a turn. in an event, we will respond and work with them by donating time, resources, as well as state of art energies to pull things together in order to make sure communities bounce back as fast as possible. >> target volunteers can be provided to help emergency
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responders. the latest on the case of an army intelligence analyst passing secrets to wikileak it is website. bradley manning was found competent to stand trial accused of giving classified documents while serving in iraq and giving them to the website. no date is set for trial. more than a dozen people are sick. their illness is linked to salmonella. what officials believe is to blame for the outbreak. i'm live in college park at the university of maryland. it's absolutely beautiful here. maryland day is tomorrow. this is going to bring fun, you will get educated as well. i will have the details coming up. don't go anywhere. 67 out at bwi. 67, that was your 2-degree guarantee. amanda from bell camp, you get
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a brand new abc 2 storm umbrella. these things are nice. head to our website and enter your name to get one.
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salmonella outbreak, 18 people have reported symptoms consistent with salmonella poisoning from tainted pork served at a church. it came from sausage and meat pudding produced by 4h members. if you have old prescription medicines in your
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cabinet, here is a chance to get rid of them. tomorrow drop off the prescriptions at police stations around the state from 10:00 to 2:00, officials say this is the best way to cut down from taking old medications. go to and click on the state section. tomorrow the university of maryland college park campus will open up to families from all around the state. it's maryland day. a chance for you to head down to the campus and see what it has to offer. we give you a preview tonight. we sent lynette charles down a day early. >> reporter: now, i have a new friend with me, i have joe, he is going to tell us about what he has. this place is so up beet, i almost got hit in the head with a frisbee. i know the reason now why this place is up beet, and that's
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because i had the ice cream man with me right now, so joe, show us what you have. joe is in to dining services. no trip is complete without a stop at the dairy. we create aide flavor for the inauguration of dr. low. we want to share with you some mango ice cream. it was created just for may recall -- maryland day this year. >> reporter: this is the 13th year for maryland day, that's correct? >> 13th year. >> reporter: how long have you been doing it? >> 13 years. >> reporter: do you have a flavor? >> we try to have a special flavor to commemorate each year. we have had celebration for the 150th anniversary of the university of maryland. we had a strawberry short cake
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ice cream, strawberries were grown on campus when it was founded. >> reporter: you should have called me for that day. >> my favorite is fear the turtle, white chocolate ice cream with pecans and a swirl of caramel. >> reporter: i just drooled. i'm going to take a taste of this. hold on one second. oh my gosh. you know what? i have things to do tomorrow but i'm coming here tomorrow. i'm going to get more education and get more of the ice cream. rosy, too bad it's going melt, so i'm going to do the honor and take care of it. >> we were going to ask you, fur going to bring some back. that's okay. -- if you are going to bring some back. that's okay. enjoy it down there. we will suffer here. what are the hours for maryland
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day? >> reporter: from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow. go down and get ice cream before lynette charles eats it. have fun down there and bring us back some ice cream. she is eating all the ice cream. >> i need extra cups for my co- workers, right? >> she is going to munch ice cream all the way up there. i want mango ice cream now. that does sound good. >> you need it tomorrow, nice temperatures tomorrow. we are looking good. look out here, cloudy rest of the evening here. we can see that on the satellite radar trend here. kind of a cloudy scenario, but on the whole, i got to say we stayed dry and there has been little rain. you can see that here on the tower cam downtown as we check
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things out. temperaturewise, 61. winds west, northwest at 12. through day today we saw some pretty interesting weather. we will show you that in a second. i want to square up, today's upper 60s. 67. the average 69. days getting nice and long. not to an 8:00 sunset. 7:58. mice long days and sun is up at 6:00 a.m. these days. through the day baltimore, see clouds rolling in late in the afternoon, annapolis, a little more sunshine through the day, the clouds roll in, and how about one more hd weather net camera. let's take you to st. john regional. looking over the higher the rain , the foothills of appalachian. that's almost angelic. we have not seen much rain, the i little bit we did see pass through elkton, rising sun, but now, that's clearing out, nicely and we are left with dry weather. breezy, dry and cool.
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how is that? 61 baltimore. warmer down towards the beach tonight. north and west, 50s and 40s towards oakland. cooler air is on the way from north and west. we will still end up here tomorrow. close to 70 degrees, even though cooler air will come in, we will start off cooler, widespread sunshine tomorrow. we won't have the overcast. the sky will warm things up. we are around 71 davidson. hartford, perryman, 72. forest hill around 70 in the afternoon. satellite and radar pictures, relatively quiet on the rains. rain showers traveling north up pennsylvania, up through pennsylvania, i-83,ics 95, et cetera. north and east in that state there is quite a bit of rain. drier, cooler air arriving will clear the skies. secondary cool front pushes the
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clouds out of here and you check it out here, 6:00 tomorrow, saturday, we are looking clear and sunny, in to sunday, more widespread sunshine early, though i think we will see additional cloud cover pushing out of the west late in the day sunday. sunday starting off sunny, ending partly to mostly cloudy and maybe an isolated rain shower sunday night in to monday. overnight tonight, none of that, cool, 44 degrees. with the sunshine tomorrow, things will warm up rapidly, intense sunshine. fantastic day of spring weather. tomorrow night down to 48 or som on the cooler side, a few clouds, a good look at saturday night to get out and really enjoy saturday night. get out and have good times. here is your seven-day forecast, again, look for low 70s, right through the early part of next week, and next week we see a cooler trend in to the middle of the week. low 60s. not bad. that's the overall outlook for
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you. here is a look at what we are working on at abc 2 news at 11:00, you know you are paying many r to fill up at the tank, sky high fuel prices will hit you in all parts of your wallet, even in the weather. how it will impact your bottom line. the world's biggest retailer is arming itself with a lot more inventory. why wal-mart is planning to expand its gun sales. those stories and more and the forecast tonight on abc 2 news at 11:00.
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estimated that billions of you around the world watched on television while millions crowded the streets of london. that's a party. feefn you could not make to it london, there are ways to get in on the celebration. folks got up before dawn and headed to union jackson for a british style viewing of the wedding and sipped tea and ate biscuits, which is cookies to american folks. many say they would never have missed the opportunity to feel a bit royal and celebrate with the newlyweds. you were there when they moved in and today they continue to succeed. dozens of folks came to support boys hope and girls hope in the golf tournament. children use the program so they have the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. >> it seemed like it was going to be like laid back almost, but once i got there, and i got
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in the swing of things, it was structured. it takes a lot of hard work to actually keep on moving. >> the tournament raised 35,000 bucks. it gives young people academic, financial and spiritual support. with the help of the community, 100 of the alumni have gone on to college. the o's are at the back of pack. tomorrow facing off with the white sox in chicago. checking out how the drive home is going tonight. here is a live look at some place, there we go. i-695, providence road. traffic is moving a little bit. little tied up in some spots. another look at the forecast coming up.
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. a beautiful shot of downtown of tinner harbor overlooking the river going on out. beautiful night. good night to be out maybe strolling a little bit. we will have a better weekend as the temperatures get better.
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a cool evening and some people say i was ready for the warm weather to hold on. enjoy an evening like this in the 50s and 60s. pin point you to our abc 2 news weather blog, a whole weather blog, easy to get to under the weather tab. we are talking about the super outbreak, termed the first one since 1974. it happened thursday. see the dramatic video links there. 50s this evening. winds light and variable, little gusty and breezy. tomorrow talking about a slow crime out of the 50s and 60s. we will get back to 70, though, a cooler start. when you throw in the sunshine that we did not have today, that warms things up. nice day sunday, early sun, it goes to partly cloudy later in the day. >> good for lacrosse. >> looking like one of the better lacrosse forecasts we have had in a while. i'm roosevelt leftwich,
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thank you for joining us, back here at 11:00.
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